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Custom Knights Templar Uniforms & Costumes

Custom Uniform Company designs and manufactures custom Knights Templar uniforms.

Knights Templar costumes have evolved throughout the ages, so today we manufacture whatever it is that a Knights Templar (or any other member of the Masons) needs.

For Knights Templars, we make coats with either stand-up collars or laydown, single or double-breasted. The coats are available with or without pants, in whatever size you choose. If you need a cape, or something you don't see, just let us know. Each garment is custom-made to your specifications in either polyester or poly wool. We can order regalia for you, or you can provide your own.

We look forward to working with individuals and/or with groups. If you are interested in uniforms or regalia for other fraternal orders, see our Shrine Uniforms ensemble.

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More about the Knights Templar (& other Masons)

The Knights Templar, an elite group of the York and Scottish Rites of Free Masons, have had costumes and outfits that have represented them since the 10th century. At first the protectors of the feudal lands of the priests and the uppper classes, the Knights were part of the early English enclave (what we would call a union today) that was comprised of the guilds--artisans, builders, brick-layers, and craftsmen--who gradually amassed lands and money of their own until their vast wealth made them prey to princes and popes.

Having spread to France, Turkey, and other European countries, the Knights were fierce warriors, as well as very rich, but met their downfall with the Crusades, and multiple attempts to assassinate them in order to gain their holdings.

Executed in masses, the remaining Knights fled to England in the later Middle Ages, going underground and posing as peasants in order to survive, and where they learned trades similar to their counterparts. The remaining Knights eventually became a special and elevated group of what became known as the Masons both of the York and Scottish Ritesall of these men who for over 1,000 years have banded together as a huge fraternal order. Their ultimate goal is philanthropy, good deeds and good will towards others.

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